NewCrafts Paris 2023

Samedi 27 mai 2023


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With your ticket you’ll have full access to the 2 days of the conference, a welcome bag, drinks, food and the party. You’ll have the same advantages as regular tickets but you’ll get the best price and help us securing the venue as soon as possible. These tickets are limited in time and quantity,
Early Bird tickets available until Mar 25 , Regular price €765€

Masterclass in Acceptance Test Driven Development (BDD) - 1 day training with Dave Farley Discount applied

× €660.00 (€132.00 VAT) ×

Writing and maintaining a suite of Acceptance Tests that can give you a high level of confidence in the behaviour and configuration of your system is a complex task. In this Workshop, Dave Farley will guide you through a “Four-Layer Approach” to organising and developing testing infrastructure to make tests easy to write, easy to understand, and flexible in the face of system change. You will explore the link between an effective, story-based, approach to requirements and the techniques for translating them into Executable Specifications.

Architecture Modernization: Product, Domain, and Teams - 2 days training with Z. Herendi & N. Tune Discount applied

× €1125.00 (€225.00 VAT) ×

This is a 2-day workshop for business, product, UX, and technology professionals who want to learn about concepts that can help when modernizing old systems and ways of working, and to spend time discussing these concepts and sharing experiences with other professionals.

Hands-on technical leadership for a healthy engineering - 2 days training with C. Sudbery & E. Bache Discount applied

× €1125.00 (€225.00 VAT) ×

In this course Clare and Emily will explore and practise some powerful technical coaching techniques that can be used by those in technical leadership positions to enhance their developers’ ability to work well together.

DDD infused Wardley Mapping - 1 day training with Marijn Huizendveld Discount applied

× €660.00 (€132.00 VAT) ×

In this course you will learn to map your business and technological landscape in such a way that a common language emerges to discuss strategic thinking and decision making. It allows for scenario building, it teaches about bias and assumptions, and it comes packaged with a long list of ideas that may help in your situation.

Invitation to Systems Thinking - 2 days training with Jessica Kerr and Kent Beck Discount applied

× €1625.00 (€325.00 VAT) ×

Kent Beck and Jessica Kerr will step through an introduction to systems thinking. With examples from software and life, and concepts like feedback loops and leverage points and propensities, we will step through the basics of seeing and changing systems.

Où & Quand
27 mai 2023 de 10h à 12h